About Us

We are passionate about making the process easier to help you find your match.

Our Mission

Provide a new, simple yet elegant way for Indian people around the world to get married with the help from a personal professional marriage counselor, starting from creating the best-looking biodata, to finding the perfect match, to planning a memorable wedding.

Our Story

Over dinner one evening, we were talking about some of the particularly difficult aspects of the matrimonial search for us – our parent’s email inboxes were cluttered, we were spending numerous hours each day looking through Biodata and we were occasionally losing the Biodata of people whom we really liked. “Does it have to be this difficult?” we asked ourselves by the end of dinner. We thought for awhile and decided to create a service that would be the resounding “No” to this question. We spent months doing customer research and product development and the result is the site that you see today.

Our Promise To You

easyBiodata has been a labor of love to help the millions of others like ourselves find success and wonderful long lasting relationships. We want to make this process… easy! We hope you enjoy the site and would love your feedback.

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