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How can I create account in

Registering in is very simple. Prior to registration, your should have a valid email address. Follow the following steps to create your account:

  • Access our website in a latest browser. We love Firefox and Chrome. [A incognito/private window is preferred]
  • Click on the user icon on the top and it will navigate you our signup page (
  • Fill up the form if you are creating biodata for yourself.
    • Provisions are made in such a way that a person can manage a profile for other as well (Say: A father can create profile for his daughter, A mother can create for her son, etc.)
  • After successful registration, login credential will be send to the corresponding email address.

How to create biodata?

Creating biodata over easyBiodata platform is a cake walk.

Once you have registered your email address in our website, you would have got your credential in the email right after that.

  • Navigate to login page and login using the credential given in the email address.
  • After login, you will land onto your profile page right after. The profile page is a running document where you can edit right on top of that.
  • For quality purposes, we have mandated our user to properly give their important personal information first.
    Without providing the optimal information on personal & other personal section, not all the sections will be enabled (in other words, you might see that maternal or paternal or photos sections are disabled).
  • Give honest information on profiles. A relation like marriage should start with honesty.
  • Make sure, you provide a bright picture of yours. A picture is equal to thousand words so upload some really cool pictures.
  • Once you filled up all the information, you are done.

I don’t want my profile to become public?

We understand your concern and respect your privacy. Just navigate your profile page and make your profile private by unchecking the Public profile check box.

How to opt out of matchmaking?

If you decide to opt out of matching later then you can change the setting from the edit profile. Just uncheck the checkbox against the premium candidate matching service.

How to download and print Biodata?

Once you have completed editing your biodata, you can download your biodata as PDF from two different places:

  • Either one can go to the preview biodata page by clicking on “PREVIEW BIODATA” button on biodata page and then click on “Download & Print” button.
  • Or one can go to the dashboard page and then click on “Download & Print Biodata” tab on the left panel.

How to share Biodata?

Sharing Biodata is easy in easyBiodata platform. You can email your biodata along with a public profile URL to anyone you wish to share. Sharing can be done through different pages.

  • Biodata page → Preview Biodata page → Email
  • Dashboard page → Email your biodata tab button on the left side

Both the above action will land on “Share biodata” page. Here you can enter all your recipient email addresses and also give some personal messages. Once the form is submitted, your biodata will be shared among those email ids along with your personal message.

⚠ Share biodata will work correctly ONLY when the profile is public. If you have converted your profile as private then it is recommended to download the profile and share with your desired email address manually.

How matchmaking works?

Once you opted for our matchmaking service, our matchmaking engine will bring recommendations based on many different parameters like your preference, your locations and many others.
Matches will be shown on the dashboard page, one match would be recommended every day and you would be having 3 days time to accept or deny the match. If no action is taken against the match, the match recommendation shall be expired.
Based on packages, you shall see recommendations. More details are given in the “Manage Subscriptions” page.
Note: You can adjust your preference to see a better match result.

How to accept / decline matches?

Once the recommendation is shown on the dashboard, you can view the full profile by clicking on the “Full Biodata” button. Now based on your personal choice you can accept or decline from the full biodata page.

Alternatively, you can accept or decline from the dashboard itself.

If you decide to decline, you always had a chance to reconsider the match and accept the recommendation before it expires. However a accepted recommendations can’t be declined.

Once you accept, a mail shall be triggered by us to the other party stating your interest. Once other party also accepts your interest then contact details shall be shared.

Currently we are NOT giving any biodata making or personalised matchmaking service. We shall notify you when any personalised service will be launched.

How to use chat feature?

For effective communication, we offer free chat feature between your match. Once the matching is established, you can chat between each other. Chat room shall be opened when match acceptance is done. You shall be notified by an email that the chat window is now open.
Once the chat window is open, you can begin your chat. Chat window shall remain active for 7 days and you can chat for the period of 7 days from the day chat window is open.
Chat window will be closed after 7 days. However chat history will be available all the time to refer in future. Note: we shall send you reminder email when we the chat window is about to close.

After giving correct credential, my form is NOT getting submitted? No error message coming.

This could be a local cache issue. Either clear your local cache or try a private window for logging to our website. If the problem exist, please reach out to

Why I am unable to login? While trying to reset password, it is saying that email address doesn’t exist?

It is very likely that you have changed your contact email address. Please use the new email address for logging into the website.

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